Agricultural Department

The Agricultural Department is responsible for assessing all commercial agricultural properties, large undeveloped parcels and state land for tax roll purposes.

Commercial and Tangible Personal Property Department

The Commercial Appraisal Department of the Osceola County Property Appraiser’s Office is responsible for all real property that is not considered residential or agricultural in the county.

Customer Service and Exemptions Department 

Our Customer Service Department provides friendly, courteous & knowledgeable information to the public in person, by telephone, by correspondence, and electronic mail. Homestead Exemption along with many other exemption applications are taken throughout the year in accordance with statutory guidelines.

Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Departments supports and manages computer technology and resources used for production of the annual Tax roll, website applications, and geographic information systems(GIS).  The IT department works with Property Appraisers’ personnel, contracted vendors, and other public entities to provide products and services based on real estate and tangible property based data used for tax roll production and analysis. The IT department goal is a continual role to find IT solutions for the growth of the Osceola County parcel base and valuation system.

Land Records and GIS Department

The Land Records Department processes many types of information and requests for the Property Appraiser’s Office, from creating custom maps, customer requests for property information, assigning parcel numbers, split and merge requests, subdivisions, annexations, deeds, and easements to name a few. For further information, click the link above.

Complete and accurate maps are essential to the Property Appraiser’s Office and of benefit to various other government and non-government users. We use computer assisted drafting systems known as geographic information systems: GIS.

Residential Department

The Residential Department is responsible for the assessment of all improved residential properties from single family up to ten unit multi-family apartment buildings plus residential condominiums, townhome developments, mobile homes as well as vacant residential land.

Tax Roll Department

The Tax Roll Department’s primary objective is to maintain and produce the annual real and tangible property tax rolls for Osceola County. The process consists of running, and evaluating checking reports and statistical audits in order to assure the accuracy of the data that is certified by the Florida Department of Revenue.