Public Records Requests

The Property Appraiser’s Office uses a variety of Microsoft- based servers and computers to provide real-time information for both real and tangible property. Personal Computers are available in the main office for use by the general public to view and print this data. Property data can also be obtained in several different file formats: .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .mdb or .accdb. Files of these types can be e-mailed, put on CD-ROM or placed on our ftp site for pick-up. Additionally, persons with disabilities who need records in alternative formats than which are immediately available may contact us at or (407) 742-5000.

Payment for Public Records Request

If the person making the records request has requested copies of the documents, the office may charge the requester 15 cents per one-sided copy or 20 cents per two-sided copy. In addition, if retrieving or copying the public records requires extensive use of information technology resources or clerical and/or supervisory assistance, the office may assess a reasonable service charge based on the office’s actual incurred costs.

Our complete database is available at a cost of $250.00. Examples of types of reports available for purchase are home owner lists, sales lists, and absentee owner lists. These types of files are available for a cost of $25.00. The annual tax roll data 12D8, as submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue, is available for $75.00.

An estimate of the charges will be given to the requester prior to responding to the request. All charges will be collected before producing the requested documents.