Procedure for Plat and Condominium Certifications

The State of Florida requires a letter from the Tax Collectors Office stating that the taxes have been paid on the property being platted before the Plat or Declaration of Condominium will be recorded. The Property Appraiser’s Office starts the process by taking your legal description of the subject property and listing the corresponding parcel numbers. This portion of the process is usually completed in 1 day but depending on the time of year and workload we have 3 days to supply this information to the Tax Collector. Our office sends the list of parcel numbers to the Tax Collector’s Office which then confirms if taxes have been paid and generates the certification letter and notifies the contact person.

The following items need to be submitted to the Land Records Department for us to complete the certification process:

  • Legible Legal description
  • Name of the Plat or Condominium being Certified
  • Contact Name & Number
  • Florida Statute 197.192

Florida Statute 197.192

Land not to be divided or plat filed until taxes paid. No land shall be divided or subdivided and no drawing or plat of the division or subdivision of any land, or declaration of condominium of such land, shall be filed or recorded in the public records of any court until all taxes have been paid on the land.

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